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22miles round trip from Cottonwood Lakes, we summit Mount Langley in a day to  prep for our first Mount Whitney summit, a similar distance of 20 miles out and back.

And though a single day summit is definitely doable, it’s well worth spending a couple nights as a backpacking trip to setup camp and enjoy the incredible lakes and amazing views.

Some people describe the approach as if you're walking on the moon. Though desolate and relentless at times, it's still one of my favorite peaks in the Sierras and perfect to train for Whitney.

If you are planning a day trip to Langley, plan for a long day. Be sure to take plenty of your essentials and extra in case of emergency.  There are several lakes you can rely on as good water sources.

And if you're planning to camp at Cottonwood the night before, you might want to bring a set of ear plugs as this campground can get noisy...and a beanie to cover your eyes if you are sensitive to the light of headlamps. There are a lot of people showing up throughout the night to camp.

Be safe and don't forget to pack out what you pack in. 

Have you day hiked Mt. Langley? Would you do it again?

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