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Gear FAQs

Q: Do you accept all brands?

A: Yes, any gear or apparel from any outdoor brands are accepted for repairs and recycling.

Q: How do you recycle gear?

A: If an item is end of life and is no longer functional, we will use what we can to remake it into something new. Any material that is actually recycleable will be recycled.

Q: Do you offer consignment or buy direct?

A: Yes! Message us below for a QR code. Once we inspect your items, we will send you an offer.

Q: How do I start a repair?

A: For all repairs, please email us a photo of your item showing the damaged area of your gear along with a description. We'll then send you a QR code to ship your item to us.

Be sure to check all pockets and compartments for any personal items. Follow manufacturer's care label for instructions on how to clean all items before you ship.

Request a QR Code

Keep it like new...


Rips, holes, and open seams are the most common and easy to fix using a patch, gear tape, or sewing.


Sleeping bags, puffer coats, and waterproof gear need a restorative wash to keep performing at its best.


We'll do the cleaning. Services start at $25 per item and does not include any technical wash or restoration.

Triple Crown 👑

When you have more gear than you know what to do with. Become a member and just send it.

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Living sustainably can be overwhelming so we've taken the stress out of saving The Planet for you.

Together we can create a more inclusive and diverse outdoors while fostering a community that cares more about climate action and less about climate talk.

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