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Our Promise

Through our personal endeavors to live more sustainably we discovered obstacles that made it difficult to recycle, repurpose or donate our gear.

Most brands are not fully transparent about where your gear goes once you send it.

Did it get recycled?

Did it get donated? If so, to what organization?

The other hurdle we faced, was that each brand had their own interpretation of what can be recycled.

And by recycle we mean resale.

Every brand under the sun now has their own resale program. But as anyone with an outdoor lifestyle can attest, we all have gear from numerous brands.

It’s not realistic for people with busy lives, to navigate their way through a maze of recycling programs. And that’s because their system was not built with you in mind.

No need to worry about what brands or items are accepted.

Always know where your gear goes.

It will not go to a landfill. Ever. This is our promise.

Leave it better than we found it. Recycle your gear today.

One Planet In Common

As advocates for wildlife and their habitat we are deeply devoted to protect the outdoors and keep nature wild.

Together we can amplify our impact on the climate crisis. Give your adventures purpose and make an impact towards saving our planet today.

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