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7 Principle to Leave no trace in black type font on orange ground.


You've heard it all before…..pack it in, pack it out…leave no trace….leave it better than you found it. But what are the repercussions if you decide it’s not worth it to pickup that orange peel or better yet leave your “biodegradable” wipe after you've made your donation to the wild? 💩

Wipes of any kind are not safe to bury or leave behind because they don’t disintegrate fast enough…and they kill wildlife. 🧸 Bears in Yellowstone have died from starvation...the cause? Wipes in the bear’s digestive tract create a blockage that prevents them from digesting food.

🌵Venturing out into the desert where there's no bear?... It’s even more critical that you pack out all your trash. Desert areas where the climate is typically very dry, make it difficult for items to decompose. 🏜️

Outdoor brands are marketing products as biodegradable without any proof that they are safe for wildlife habitats. We can do more than the bare minimum of park regulations when adventuring outdoors. Park regulations are guidelines and sometimes enforcement is strict, but it’s becoming more apparent that they aren’t enough to protect the wild.

What are some simple and effective ways we can do better? 💭Plan ahead and always store small trash bags and gloves in your pack so you can collect small trash on your way in or out. Your empty dehydrated food bags also work great to store waste and keep your pack odor-free. 🙃

Toilet paper, food wrappers, personal hygiene products, and food waste like apple cores 🍊🍎🍌 and orange peels, should never be left behind. You might think you're doing Mother Earth a favor leaving “natural” scraps behind but you're conditioning wild animals to look for food where people most commonly trek.

Ok quiz time!

Without scrolling down can you guess what the 7 LNT principles are? 🤔

Take a minute and test yourself before you scroll.








 🌿Plan Ahead and Prepare
🌿Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

🌿Dispose of Waste Properly

🌿Leave What You Find
🌿Respect Wildlife

🌿Be Considerate of Other Visitors

🌿Minimize campfire impacts

What are some ways you’re “doing better" in the backcountry?

Drop some knowledge 🤓 and comment below.

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