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Pact Lite All In One Bathroom Kit

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The all new, sustainable bathroom kit for the outdoors.

The PACT Lite Kit includes:

Ergonomic Shovel: lightweight, durable aluminum makes digging a hole fast and easy.

PACT Tabs: use mycelium from fungi to break down poop in the ground faster while killing harmful bacteria. Resealable pouch with 60 Tabs (~20 bathroom trips).

PACT Wipes: compressed, plant-based wipes unfold into a 9” towel with a squirt of water. They leave you cleaner without all the additives of TP and conventional wipes. Resealable pouch with 20 Wipes (~20 bathroom trips).

Wipes & Tabs Storage: convenient storage compartments inside the handle of the shovel hold a weeks supply of Wipes and Tabs.

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