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Not many people would recognize a Pika if they saw one. It looks like a mix between a rabbit and a mouse and has the most adorable squeaky call.

Backstory: I first witnessed a Pika backpacking the High Sierra Trail.  On our ascent towards Precipice Lake, I had a hunch that we were getting closer to the ideal Pika habitat: wildflowers, cool crisp air, the sound of mountain spring water trickling.  We kept quiet and soon after we heard an adorable Pika call.  Scanning the field, I saw a tiny little Pika perched on a rock. And my heart melted.

Doing my research, I found that not much has been done to save this creature from extinction.  As temps rise in the alpine region from global warming, the Pika have difficulty keeping cool.  Their warm fur coats intended for cold, now feel like wearing a heavy wool sweater you can't throw off. 

The last attempt to add the Pika to the Endangered Species list was in February 2010 by the Center for Biological Diversity.  Show your support, write to the them using the contact info below and urge them to resubmit a petition.  



Shaye Wolf, Ph.D. 
Brian Nowicki
Kassie Siegel

Center for Biological Diversity

1095 Market Street, Suite 511 San Francisco, CA 94103

ph: (415) 436-9682 ext. 301

fax: (415) 436-9683 

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